Canadian Border Patrol

motorcycle in front of border sign

Welcome to the Canadian Border Patrol! Almost 400km stretching from Osoyous to Creston, travelling on as much dirt and backroads as possible. Rideable in either direction, and many points to hop on or off depending on what else you want to do. Towns in this neck of BC are spread out, but there’s lots of opportunities for fuel, food, and lodging…

So, here’s how the map works. The massive route is broken up into smaller tracks based on the type of riding surface. Colour-coded for your convenience! Green is paved, Blue is unpaved, and red is unpaved but either more technical or has something on it that may be trickier for some rider/bike combinations. I’m never going to make assumptions about your skill level or enthusiasm, you know you. Always ride to what you’re comfortable with. 

There are waypoints for Camping, fuel, beer, motels, motorcycle shops, food, and cool places to see.

You can add everything in Gaia to you own (free) account, or download it straight away and add it to any app or Garmin unit.

The route travels through a few different zones, each with their own charm. And passes through a number of smaller communities. Please spend your dollars in the many independent businesses, the more we as riders spend and be a presence, the better it is for all of us in the future…

Washington – Idaho BDR connector

The overall route was designed to link up with the Backcountry Discovery Routes in the US. The Washington BDR tops out near Osoyoos and the Idaho BDR at Creston. So, the Canadian Border Patrol route can either be used as a alternative connector for the two BDR’s (and with way more dirt!), or in conjunction with the connector as one big International Loop!

Some of the off-road sections

Map of boundary Lake bypass motorcycle route
Gravel Routes

Boundary Lake Bypass Route

Here’s a sneaky and scenic little bypass to get you from the Kootenay Summit to Creston. It takes you along just North of the border and gives the opportunity to stop or camp at Boundary Lake rec site.  Get the .gpx or .kml file via Gaia Gaia Tutorial on using

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Pend-d'oreille motorcycle route map
Gravel Routes

Pend-d’Oreille River route

The Pend Oreille River is a tributary of the Columbia River, approximately 130 miles long, in northern Idaho and northeastern Washington in the United States, as well as southeastern British Columbia in Canada. In its passage through British Columbia its spelled Pend-d’Oreille. Get the .gpx or .kml file via Gaia

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Old Cascade Highway Map
Gravel Routes

Old Cascade Highway

Old Cascade Highway is a gravel road sightseeing highway exploring the switchbacks, trails and wilderness scenery in the Monashee Mountain Range. The scenic highway goes by many names such as the Old Cascade Highway, Santa Rosa Road and the Old Cascade-Rossland Highway. The highway connects the community of Rossland, BC

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Motorcycle shop

Mainjet Motorsports

Since 2006, Main Jet Motorsports has brought a fresh approach to our Honda, KTM, Polaris and STIHL® dealership, here in Nelson, BC. We offer quality products, parts, and service with dignity, respect and honesty! We are South Eastern BC’s largest Powersports Dealer offering a wide range of OEM and Aftermarket parts and accessories for ATV’s, Motorcycle, Utility Vehicles, Snowmobile and Power Equipment.

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1 thought on “Canadian Border Patrol”

  1. Great site, thanks for posting.

    I’ve been riding the Kootenays for years (guest from the north) and thought I had ridden it all, but you’ve shown me more reasons to come back!

    I agree about the Toad Rock Campground, gave some very fond memories when they hosted the rally, saw BC/DC for the first time and have been a fan ever since!

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Buchanan Lookout

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The trip up over Koch Creek Pass is a local classic. Can be used as as a fun shortcut between Fauquier Ferry and Highway 6

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