Kaslo Businesses

Kaslo Hotel nightime pic to see it in the dark

Kaslo Hotel

This most recent version of the Kaslo Hotel, while having the heritage character of Kaslo Village, is completely new. Overlooking Kootenay Lake, the Kaslo Hotel opened in February 2009 after extensive renovations that began in 2006. Contact Phone Toll free: 1-866-823-1433Phone… Read More »Kaslo Hotel

Toad Rock

There may be no other place quite like Toad Rock. It holds a special place in the heart of any Rider who has laid their head there… Toad Rock is located in the small B.C. town of Balfour and in the middle… Read More »Toad Rock

Angry Hen Brewing

In the heart of Historic Kaslo, the angry Hen offers tasty beers with a spectacular view of Kootenays lake. Kaslo’s “Angry Hen” ferments her years of brewing experience with passion and outrage to bring you the finest of beers. Tradition… Read More »Angry Hen Brewing