Gear Review – Uclear Motion 6 Part 2

Part 2 of 3

In this second part, we’re going to go through actually using the Motion6. Everything from setting it up to cranking up the music! 

Helmet with UCLEAR Motion6 mounted on side

Installing the CLEARlink app and syncing the Motion6 with my phone was painless and went as expected. Cool thing is that it does over-the-air updating. A serious flaw with Sena is that you have to physically plug the unit into a Windows computer after installing a update program. Seriously?? Ugh. The Motion6 does it directly through bluetooth to your phione, via any WiFi conection. Easy Peasy! 

All the options

I’m not going to go through feature by feature, you can play with them yourself. But having an equalizer is fantastic, as is the option to adjust the balance if your ears are different. These things are all about the sound!

UCLEAR Motion6 CLEARlink app
UCLEAR Motion6 CLEARlink app

The Lazers!!

Now, this is something that NOBODY else is doing. Full gesture control via a little lazer on the side of the head unit. And…. it works! Now I just need to remember what does what without thinking about it, but that shouldn’t take long. Even for me…

UCLEAR Motion6 CLEARlink app

Let there be music

This definitely an audiophiles’ headset. Volume and sound quality is as good as a OK pair of headphones, which is saying alot! Really happy with what I hear, and that’s a big part of how I use a headset. 

Hey Google!

Works seamlessly as it should with the Google voice commands. Just say ‘hey Google’, what you want and it just…works. ‘Hey Google, navigate me to the nearest gas station’, and Google maps pops up and starts navigation to fuel. Awesome…. 

And yeah, I suppose it works just fine with Siri as well. But, I don’t do apple. Soooo….. 

Universal Pairing

Does it work? In short, yes! And easily. Instead of the two units connecting directly, UCLEAR uses the universal connectivity of the phone itself to connect the two headsets. Put both head units into Bluetooth Pairing mode, and the app does the rest. And, tada…..connected! With limitations though, the voice-over-music functionality doesn’t work between brands. So you have to choose whether you listen to tunes or talk to your buddy. And you have to re-connect each time you power up. But the fact that it works at all is amazing…

KTM 690 motorbike with a view

Up Next – Part 3

Still to come is the intercom functionality of the Motion6 when used as a pair. You can buy them as a set, and we would have except we’re dirtbags and have to save up…

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