Gear Review – Uclear Motion 6

Part 1 of 3

There’s a lot to go over, so this review will be broken up into 3 parts. Part 1 will the Unboxing and initial thoughts on the Motion6. Part 2 will be what I think of it after using it for a little bit as a solo rider. So primarily for music and phone funtions. And finally, part 3 will be a bit further down the line when we can afford a second unit and have had a chance to use 2 Motion6’s together for communication. 

Uclear Motion 6 headset box

I like me a good headset. One that does all the things and lasts. After having a not-so-fantastic experience with one of the major manufacturers, I decided to give the little guy a shot.

Now right up front, I’ll be talking about what my personal experience is, yours naturally may be different. Different riders want different things from a Bluetooth headset. I want something that connects to my phone and can take ‘hey Google’ voice commands. I want something that I can play and control music. I want something that will allow me to talk to @missvelocity when we ride. I want something that is waterproof and easy to use and maintain. Did I find it with UCLEAR? Just maybe!

Now, I don’t use all the features that the Motion 6 have. Although I ride in groups offroad, I don’t need to talk to all of them the other riders, just my partner. So I don’t use the Mesh intercom features. I ride primarily backcountry, so only use a fullface helmet. I like the tiny twin mics that can be mounted almost anywhere, in any sort of helmet. But I haven’t tried that. But what  I will talk about how I use it and my experiences in the field.  

All the stats and stuff

OK, here’s what UCLEAR has to say about this cool little unit:

Industry first Mesh intercom with Multi-Hop for infinite rider pairing
Up to 1.2km (.75 mile) per person. Automatic rider reordering optimizes connection strength while maximizing communication distance.

“EZ Button” pairing
Simple 1-touch group intercom pairing

Gesture Control
Buttonless control of most common commands with simple hand movements near the unit. Thick gloves? No problem!

Easy operation with voice or buttons: U-Prompt & U-Command
Voice prompts & commands. Tactile button feel even with gloves

Ruggedized and fully WEATHERPROOF

Audiophile? Incredible Hi-Def communication & music
Ultra premium Pulse Pro 2.0 speakers with dual BOOMLESS adjustable gain MEM’s mics, graphic equalizer, and incredible ABF noise cancellation.

CLEARLink Advanced Mobile App
Configuration, wireless firmware updates, adjustable preference settings

Advanced communication features
Control of Siri/Google Voice, media sharing, call conferencing, music/intercom overlay, voice call pick-up, MORE!

Multi point compatibility: Connect multiple devices at once
Smart phones, smart watches, GPS, action cameras, OEM infotainment systems, and other compatible devices

Only universal use helmet communicator
Any powersport helmet, any outdoor sports helmet, any workplace hardhat/helmet. Go from motorcycle to work, to skydiving, or skiing!

Need more? How about…
Built-in motion sensor on/off, up to 18hr battery life, and an industry-leading warranty? We could keep going…

Head over to the official UCLEAR site to see more about what they have to say

Uclear Motion 6 headset box

The Grand Unboxing

Gotta say, it all comes in a nice small, tidy box. But inside, it has all the things. No cutting corners in what the package comes with, lots of little baggies to open. Along with the head unit and the speaker/mic wiring, there’s quite the assortment of velcro and 3m pads, a charge cable, and chargers for both the wall and 12v.

The Design

I really like the way the system is designed, there’s no base unit that has to get clamped to the bottom rim of the helmet. It can be stuck on with 3m on any flat surface. With the small size of the head unit, it really opens up mounting positions. I sometimes ride with a neck brace, so I can mount the head higher up so it doesn’t impact the brace on the left side.

Instead of a complicated base with lots of connections, there’s only one port, a standard USB C plug. It’s used for charging as well as where the speakers plug in. Simple! Everything is compact and clean. Yes, that means the buttons are smaller but we’ll get to that.

It’s got Lazers!

Since we all ride with gloves (well, most of us), controlling things often become cumbersome. Yes, there’s buttons and they work just fine. Everything is rainproof (as it should be and I was shocked that my Sena wouldn’t work in the rain) with the big main button at the front, and up and down and another little one on top. 

So here’s one of the biggest things that puts the Motion 6 apart from everyone else. Like that name implies, it has motion gesture control. There’s a wee Lazer on the side that detects your hand and what it’s doing. It’s essentially like Morse code, with short and long passes with your hand controlling various features. However, I apparently like using the play/pause button instead of the motion control. I have it mounted pretty far forward and my thumb is easier than the fingers? I dunno, yeah I know I’m weird…


If you’ve installed other headsets before, this is a breeze. Stick the ear cups where they need to go, and route the main plug to the left side. Installing the mics is where things get a little more interesting. For start, there’s two of them, yes stereo mics! And they are tiny. I routed mine behind the cheek pads and they don’t get in the way at all…

Helmet with UCLEAR Motion6 mic location

Now for the head unit. As I mentioned before, all the other brands that mount at the bottom rim of the helmet tend to clunk against a neck brace. I elected to mount my Motion6 higher up, and further forward than I could with any other brand. And this definitely works for me. Just took a few rides to get used to the new mounting position and all good after that.

Helmet with UCLEAR Motion6 mounted on side

Up Next – Part 2

The next part of the review is the fun bit. Actually using my new toy! Lots of thoughts and opinions on the UCLEAR Motion6…

1 thought on “Gear Review – Uclear Motion 6”

  1. Already a follower of yours, but heck yeah I love that you are giving UCLEAR a shot and providing a review. We are different, no doubt about it, and hope you find your Motion 6 as usefull and fun as we do here in Idaho. By the way, I suspect you will find that after you do pair with another rider off road that you will want to do it more often. Happens to everyone… the key is ride with a buddy that doesn’t yap too much! Let us know if you need anything.

    David K, UCLEAR Brand Manager

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