Paved Routes

Smooth and twisty and scenic

The Kootenay region is chock full of beautiful mountain roads to cruise around on.

kootenay map of the works


You want the works? Well, here it is! All the tracks, routes, and waypoints in one place. No better way to see the big picture, everything in one view. Way easier to plan that next ride, so get at it!

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map of kootenay lake tourism motorcycle routes

Kootenay Lake Tourism

Welcome to the Kootenay Lake Region! There is so much amazing riding here to be had, both on and off-road. Here’s a selection of things you can ride, destinations to visit, and places to eat/drink/shop. Everything is rideable in either

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map of Glacier motorcycle route

Glacier Route

Riding the loop around the Kokanee Park is a must do! Travelling through Nelson, Balfour, Kaslo, New Denver and through the Slocan Valley. It has some of the most flowy twisties anywhere. Get the .gpx or .kml file via Gaia

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map of kootenay pass motorcycle route

Kootenay Pass Loop Route

Ok folks, this one is a classic! A paved, smooth, flowy cruise, it takes the rider through some spectacular scenery. Along the North Shore of Kootenay lake, across the longest free ferry in the world, through the twisties on the

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