Get Stuff!!

Order all your ride the Kootenays shwag


How much?

I wish we could give these suckers out like candy, but we’re not there yet. Right now it’s a Loonie to mail an envelope to somewhere in Canada. So, that plus a Toonie per sticker. Is that expensive for a sticker? Of course it is! But all the money goes to a good cause and let’s me keep doing what I’m doing…

How do I get my stickers?

Sooooo, how do you pay? We’re a simple bunch here. So for now, e-transfer straight to me @ 250 509 6000 works best. I trust you to be able to do the math, $1 for mailing, and $2 for each sticker you want. Naturally, if you live anywhere around Nelson, I can probably hand deliver for free. You have know idea what your support means to me….


You know you want one! And do me a favour once you’ve stuck your sticker somewhere? Email me a pic!