a picture of a motorcycle rider on the railbed near rock creek

You want the works? Well, here it is! All the tracks, routes, and waypoints in one place. No better way to see the big picture, everything in one view. Way easier to plan that next ride, so get at it! Oh, and this one will be updated as new things get added, so keep checking for the newest version…..

So, here’s how the map works. The route is broken up into smaller tracks based on the type of riding surface. Colour-coded for your convenience! Green is paved, Blue is unpaved, and red is unpaved but either more technical or has something on it that may be trickier for some rider/bike combinations. I’m never going to make assumptions about your skill level or enthusiasm, you know you. Always ride to what you’re comfortable with. 

There are waypoints for Camping, fuel, beer, motels, motorcycle shops, food, and cool places to see.

You can add everything in Gaia to you own (free) account, or download it straight away and add it to any app or Garmin unit.

motorcycle on a bridge

The Kootenays are so full of things to see and do. Have at it!

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